Riveting tool PNP 90 UN 2.0 Complete kit

Riveting tool PNP 90 UN 2.0 Complete kit

SKU WZS-TKR-00000050

Operating principles

The tool kit comprises the pneumo-hydraulic pressure intensifier PNP 90 and a hydraulic actuator with hose package. The kit is completed by an NB 40 rivet clamp and a fully equipped RIVKIT UN 2.0 riveting tool kit.

The hydraulic pump is a pneumatically driven pressure intensifier with a pressure ratio of 1:100. This means that hydraulic output pressure of 600 bars is generated with input pressure of 6 bars. When the equipment's preset final pressure is reached, the pump stops automatically and keeps the pressure constant. The hydraulic pump has a pneumatically controlled pressure relief valve.


  • Pump PNP 90
  • NB 40 rivet clamp
  • Hydraulic actuator HP 35 UN
  • 2 Ball lock pins
  • Rivet insert repair kit
  • Instruction manual, EN

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SKU WZS-TKR-00000050
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