Tool kit PNP 90 XT²

Tool kit PNP 90 XT²

SKU WZS-TKR-00000180

Toolkit PNP 90 SNW XT²
with Daimler approval

Operating principles

The basic tool kit comprises the pneumo-hydraulic pressure intensifier PNP 90 SNW XT² and a hydraulic actuator HA XT² with duo-hose package. The kit can be supplemented with rivet clamp NB 45 and two fully equipped riveting tool kits for punching, pressing, calibrating, shaping and flow forming.

The hydraulic pump is a pneumatically driven pressure intensifier with a pressure ratio of 1:100. This means that hydraulic output pressure of 600 bars is generated with input pressure of 6 bars. When the equipment's preset final pressure is reached, the pump stops automatically and keeps the pressure constant. The hydraulic pump has a pneumatically controlled pressure relief valve.


Complete kit without toolcase

  • PNP 90 SNW XT² with pressure limitation
  • Hydraulic actuator XT²
  • Rivet clamp NB 45
  • Hose package Duo, DN4
  • Handle M8
  • Instruction manual, without fig.
  • Riveting tool kit Kit 1 „Punching“
  • Riveting tool kit Kit 2 „Flow form rivets“
  • Adapter kit 60 kN

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SKU WZS-TKR-00000180